I could watch squirrels for hours. I’ve been watching a squirrel behind my house for the last 15 minutes or so. It’s stuffing leaves in its mouth, running up a tree, jumping over to the neighbor’s roof, and making a warm bed in their gutter (I assume) since it’s going to be back below freezing tonight.

Image from Wikimedia

Image from Wikimedia

Most days I see at least a couple of squirrels chasing each other around the trees. Maybe they’re playing Tag.

Their ability to sprint up trees and jump from branch to branch (or tree to tree) fascinates me.


Missing Tiger at the Masters

It’s a weird feeling not having him here, isn’t it?” Mickelson said. “He’s been such a mainstay in professional golf and the majors. It’s awkward to not have him here. I hope he gets back soon. I mean, I hope he’s back for the other majors, and as much as I want to win and I know how great he is and tough to beat it … it also makes it special when he’s in the field and you’re able to win.

via Phil Mickelson says Masters feels ‘weird’ without Tiger Woods – ESPN

Weird is right. Masters week is usually the best week of the year for golf fans. It’s definitely different this year though. For the first time since 1997, when Tiger won by 12 strokes, where I’m not over-excited to watch. Woods has something special at Augusta National. Even if he doesn’t win, he plays a stretch of holes that convinces you he’s going to pull off a miracle. Nobody else can create that kind of excitement.

Heal fast Tiger!


I was up for an early breakfast and for the third time in three days I was surprised by how many people were eating breakfast at 7am in Costa Rica at the all-inclusive resort. After 3 trips to the buffet, I headed straight for the beach to soak up some rays before the scorching midday sun.

Wednesday started like the previous two days. Would it end the same?

After laying on the beach for about 90 minutes, I rinsed my feet, and went searching for some shade. I claimed a spot close to the pool bar and took a quick dip to cool off. Pulled out my Kindle and sat back to finish my 4th (or maybe it was the 5th) James Patterson book of the week. Like clockwork, the bar opened at 10am and I went to get my first of several piña coladas before lunch.

At noon I ate a quick lunch, showered, and headed over to the spa for an 80 minute massage, which was a combination of 5 different techniques. It was the best massage I’ve ever had. Maybe it was because I was relaxing on vacation thousands of miles from home. Shit, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit it was due to the great job she did on my glutes.

Made a quick stop in my room to change back into swim trucks, grabbed a snack and some beer at the buffet, and was back on the beach for the afternoon sun. It was another 90 minutes before I went back up for a spot by the pool to drink cocktails and do more reading. It was probably around 5 when I headed for my room to shower and get ready for dinner.

I picked the Italian restaurant since I was saving the steak house for my last night and I’d already eaten at the other restaurants. I had a tasty pesto chicken fettuccine entrée and drank several glasses of red wine. After sampling all of the desserts, I grabbed one of the special cocktails being made outside the restaurant and walked for a bit to empty my glass. I grabbed the other special cocktail option of the night and retired to my room.

At around 8:30, I was buried in my Kindle, enjoying my drink, when I heard a soft knock on the door. I wondered who on Earth it could be. Maybe the masseuse enjoyed my ass as much as I enjoyed her working on it.