Out of Office

Just looking at the calendar I counted out of the next 21 weekdays I’ll only be at work for 7.5 of them. I love this time of year! Our holiday break starts at noon on December 22nd and we’re back to work on January 3rd. On the 8th of January I fly out to San Francisco for MacWorld and will return on the 14th after a nice 7 hour layover in Las Vegas. To help recover, I took the 16th as a vacation day. Thirteen and a half weekdays out of the office and all of them are paid, with only one being charged as vacation. Sometimes I don’t realize how good it is working for a University.

Warming Up Slowly

I’ve actually played some poker since the last post. It was last weekend and felt good to be back at the online tables. I played for about 3 hours on Saturday and 3 hours on Sunday, both after waking up.

Recently Party Poker has sent me a message about my Party Points expiring. If I didn’t play by Sunday, I’d lose 17,000 points. Ouch! So I fired up the client and was happy to see they were running a deposit bonus. Another great surprise was that the Bad Beat Jackpot was over $250,000. Whenever it’s up over $200,000 I like playing the BBJ tables because there are so many people playing above their bankroll.

At first I fired up 4 tables of $2/4 but decided to try out a couple more, taking advantage of my dual monitor setup. I ran 6 tables almost the entire time and it was great. On Sunday I joined 6 games right away.

My game felt solid and it was a nice feeling to knock the dust off. I won about $160 on Saturday, $100 on Sunday, and also cleared the $100 bonus. Now if I can just stay away from the Xbox 360 more often I can keep making money. I still haven’t cracked the 2nd Harrington book or jumped into the Omaha book I bought. Those might be projects for the holiday vacation (11 days off…one of the perks of working at a University).

Lederer and Duke Deal with NBC?

Do Howard Lederer and his sister Annie Duke have a deal with NBC? On this season of Las Vegas they’ve both appeared in different episodes. Annie made a short appearance about two months ago and Howard played a much bigger role in an episode last night. I find it odd there have been two poker pros on the show this year and they just happen to be brother and sister. Or maybe I’m just looking to start a conspiracy theory…

Verizon Gets the RAZR…and So Will I

When I read Verizon is getting the Motorola RAZR I just about jumped out of my chair. It’s such a sweet looking phone and I’ve wanted one since it first came out. I’ve had great performance out of the Kyocera SE 47 Slider, but I’m ready for a change. With Verizon’s New Every Two play I can get a new phone and contract the first part of February.

San Francisco Treat

I’ll be attending Macworld the 2nd week of January with Dave. I’ve been helping out with Mac support at work and this will be my training for the year. I’ve wanted to check out San Fran for quite some time, so I’m excited to go. Hopefully I don’t come home as a switcher, because I hate to say it, but I love Windows.

I can’t wait to see what SF has to offer. I’m a big fan of seafood, so I want to eat around Fisherman’s Wharf a couple of times. It should be a good time all around.

On the flight home we have a 7 hour stay in Las Vegas which should give us 4-5 hours to play some poker on the strip. It’ll be my first time in Sin City, so I’m pretty excited.

Going to Vegas!

I’ll be arriving in Las Vegas on Friday January 13th at 11:34 pm and leaving on Saturday the 14th at 6:35 am. I’ve had a one hour layover in Vegas before, but I’m looking forward to this one. It’ll be my first real time in the Sin City even if it’s only for 7 hours. Dave and I will be coming back from MacWorld in San Francisco and he rigged our flights for a long layover (which was actually cheaper). We’ll be running off the plane for the nearest taxi. Which casino should we hit up for some low limit hold’em? We’ll most likely have 4-5 hours to work with.

A Sporting Thanksgiving

As posted previously, I attended a few professional sports events over the Thanksgiving holiday. Last Wednesday (Nov. 23) my parents left Rogers City bright and early. I’m not sure why they came down so early, but I wasn’t too happy that they interrupted my Xbox 360 time since I had just hooked it up the night before. Luckily they went off to do a little shopping and I had a little more time by myself. We met up with my brother and ate lunch at the mall.

Warning! This post might be a novel since it’s been weeks since my last “real” update.

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No Time for Poker

I still haven’t been playing any poker lately. In fact, I haven’t played at all since my Xbox 360 arrived. Yes, it’s that great of a video game console! I’m hoping this nice little break will renew my focus and I can get back to beating the limit games. I’ve had some recent success with the two big tournament finishes, but I think in the end I’m a better limit player. I just don’t have the balls to play a great game of no-limit. Hopefully I’ll be back to the tables this weekend.

Edit: I should have titled the post “Not Making Time for Poker” because it’s my choice.