Quick Yard Work

Tried out time-lapse on the iPhone 6 for the first time. Nifty.

Transfer Purchases


If you have any iPhone I’m sure you’ve seen this message when trying to upgrade iOS. Not very helpful is it? Each time I get it I go searching around the iTunes UI for a way to do it. Finally I end up Googling to find the answer: File->Devices->Transfer Purchases

Apple, how about adding a button to fire off this process? The cancel button is pretty useless here. Or, I don’t know, make the Sync operation do it by default! Why would I not want my purchases synced to my account?


After airline passengers wouldn’t stop complaining about the time they spent at baggage claim (even when more staff were added and wait times fell) a Houston airport simply moved the arrival gates so that passengers spent more of their “wait” time walking to the baggage claim. The complaints all but disappeared.

via Dear Mona, Which Is The Fastest Check-Out Lane At The Grocery Store? | FiveThirtyEight

A Derek Jeter I Will Follow

Derek Jeter has been all over the news in the sports world this year because of his retirement from the Yankees. I don’t give a shit. I think he’s starting something pretty cool though, called The Players’ Tribune.

Introducing The Players’ Tribune, a new media platform that will present the unfiltered voices of professional athletes, bringing fans closer to the games they love than ever before. Founded by Derek Jeter, The Players’ Tribune aims to provide unique insight into the daily sports conversation and to publish first-person stories directly from athletes. From video to podcasts to player polls and written pieces, The Tribune will strive to be “The Voice of the Game.”

Not much content on the site yet, but the latest article by Danica Patrick was a good read. Check out the site if you enjoy sports. The next editor will be revealed on October 16th.


Thruster Heart Rate

Wore a HRM for a garage workout today. This is some data from the Polar Beat iOS app. Pretty interesting to see how recovery changes over time and how long was spent in each zone. The workout was 14 thrusters with 105# every 2 minutes for 5 sets (10:00) and every set was unbroken. It took about 30-32 seconds each round to complete the reps.

Note: This workout is part of a 10 week thruster program I developed, which has been working great. When the last 2 weeks are over, I’ll publish the entire program.