Read Feeds

Do you use a feed reader/service to keep track of blogs that you read? Currently I just jump on my sites and check the link list to see which sites have recently updated…pretty dumb way of doing it. I know there are countless sites out there that will store your blogroll and let you see which ones have updated recently. I want to know which are the best, so speak up…



It was a year ago today that I made my first post here using WordPress. I want to give a special thanks to Matt who suggested the little known project of WP to me when I asked him about his web site. Also big thanks to the other main developers and contributors that make WP possible. I still remember installing version .7x. It didn’t have multiple categories, plugins…in fact, I can’t even really remember what it did have so much has changed since then. All I know it’s a great piece of software.

Thanks to all the readers who stop by to read my words and thanks to those that voice their opinions and make this enjoyable to do.

Here’s to many more years…

Lack Of Posts

I know I haven’t been posting much lately, but I haven’t felt the creativity or had any big inspirations. I’ve been busy cleaning the house, biking, hanging out with friends, golfing, and of course working. Today I had my oil changed and found out that I need new front tires. This weekend I’m heading up to Rogers City for the long weekend (we have the 5th off). The big plans are to go up to the casino in St. Ignace to play some poker, celebrate Jere’s new job, eat some of Dad’s deep-fried turkey, go biking, and check out the poker table Isaac is building so that I can give him specs on what I want mine like. I’m looking forward to the visit home because it’s been quite some time since my last journey north.

I’d like to have some suggestions on topics to write about. I like doing posts that fall into the Thoughts category, so I’d like your (Yes, all 5 of you!) help. What would you like to read? Maybe my thoughts on space exploration, recycling, fashion… It’s up in the air. Let’s get those creative juices flooding.