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It baffles me how few people realize you can send a text message from your cell phone directly to your email address. Instead of typing in a phone number, just enter the email address. I use this nifty little feature all the time to send myself reminders or to get photos off of my phone. In the address book on my phone I have contacts specifically created for Flickr, Gmail, my SVSU email, and maybe a few others.

Verizon even lets you send something from an email address directly to your phone using The service creates an email address of where you can send the email to. Their service then converts it and sends it on to your phone as a text message. I don’t know if other cell phone service providers have something similar, but I’d imagine they would. If you know of something, leave a comment.

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  1. Check this table out for other cell phone companies. You can also use AOL instant messenger to send SMS messages. Just add a buddy in the format “+1” then the 10 digit phone number (+19895555555). Kinda neat…


  2. Does anyone know if it is possible to have incoming texts also be sent automatically to an email address as well?


  3. To preserve only a select few messages (and avoid the hassles of software and cables), check out Treasuremytext. This free Web service archives and manages all messages forwarded from your phone. Later, you can visit the Treasuremytext site to review your messages, add notes and organize them in custom folders.


  4. Ok, I know this is common knowledge. But my current cell phone (LG CG225) wont let me put my email address when sending text messages. It doesn’t make any sense because I can send messages to my phone from my Email and REPLY to them! But I can’t email from my phone. I’m about to search through the user guide, but if any one has any solutions let me know!



  5. Holy crap this is a great service! I’m trying to get a cheap GPS that has text messaging features so I can use this…any suggestions?


  6. If your current phone won’t let you put in your email address directly try adding a contact with the email address.

    After adding a contact with an email address with my Samsung phone I could then select the address in order to send an email.

    By the way if you create an account on gmail you can then forward incoming messages to other cell phones. Basically this gives you the ability to send one text message to many cell phone text recipients. (Your phone text message to Gmail account to other cell phones forwarded as text messages or forwarded to email accounts.) Great for soccer tourney game field/time updates…


  7. Please forgive the lenth of this, however I want you to know the whole story: I’ve got a new service oriented business and I want to be able to constantly stay in touch with my clients. I have been working a CRM database that allows me to view all their order and billing information and email right from there as well as text message. I know that through VBA Programming I can set this up on Access, however since I cannot afford to pay for someone to code it and I have had unreliable information regarding the code, I have decided to just go with making an excel database and texting directly through the worksheet via an outlook hyperlink that sends an email as a text to the clients cell phone: i.e. (this would send the text to the AT&T Cell phone) I am having the issue in keeping these reliable, some have said they receive the texts, others have said they don’t. How can I troubleshoot these failed deliveries and fix the issue?

    Again: Is there anyway to make sure that each client’s cell is set up so they receive my text messages for sure?

    I would greatly appreciate your help as I’ve been racking my brain around this one and keep coming up short.

    Most Sincerely,


    1. This answer may be way to late to help you, but may help others who are looking into similar issues. I have AT&T and was having issues with our .mms services. We had what they call a WIX or WICKS (not sure of the correct acronym) block on our line so that the kids wouldn’t accidentally get on the internet. Unfortunately, unless you have the “pay per use” internet service enabled, you cannot receive or send pics or video that comes with your unlimited messaging. This is a little strange because it doesn’t actually charge you for the service to receive or send the messages (unless you don’ have a texting plan), but you have to have it enabled to get it to work. That would be my guess as to where you would need to start. Hope this helps.


  8. I knew about this! I love it!!! That’s how I get pics from my phone to facebook. I send them to my email and then put them on. LOVEEE IT!!!!!❤


  9. Ok. I knew you could do this because I’ve had friends send me forwards from their phones to my email but I didn’t know if it was free. I have unlimmited texting and I was wondering if I could send, for example, an email from my gmail account and attach a picture or song to my phone so I could then save the song or picture?Also, since I have unlimmited texting, would it just count as another text message or would I have to pay for all the emails I send to my phone or vice versa?


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