Unlock iPod Screen Lock If You Forget The 4 Digit Combination

I’ve have several a lot of people post questions on other posts here at MDV asking how to unlock the iPod Screen Lock function if you forget the 4 digit combination/pass code, so I figured I would write up a short tutorial here to direct people to.

There are basically three ways to unlock the Screen Lock on your iPod:

  1. The most obvious and will not work for most people (or else you wouldn’t be visiting this web site). Simply enter the 4 digit combination/pass code at Extras > Screen Lock.
  2. Connect your iPod to the first computer it was synced with or the computer set as the primary one in iTunes. Open the iTunes application, then disconnect your iPod from the computer, and it should no longer be locked.
  3. Use this final way only if the first two options do not work for you because it is a destructive process.

    Everything on your iPod will be erased.

    This should not be a problem if you have all of your songs, videos, and other media stored in iTunes and you can synchronize once again after getting the iPod unlocked. Besides, if you don’t unlock your iPod it’s useless right? Learn how to Restore your iPod using the instructions from Apple’s site.

If your iPod is simply frozen, follow my instructions for an iPod Lockup Reset.

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74 thoughts on “Unlock iPod Screen Lock If You Forget The 4 Digit Combination”

  1. :S :S:S are u sure thts the only resolution….because i use my ipod on my fathers computer and my mothers i dotn know how i will be able to get back all my song….oh and when u sync u go to to file and sync”Alicia” right?


  2. uh… its the way i felt the last time i thought i’ll restore my podi… about my code recovery i just found out that the podi itself stores the code deep inside its memory. its hidden so ii select to view the hidden files and folders on the control panel. there i cheked the files and foud the codes.. i just throw it to my bin… and i became normal again…


  3. i hav a ipod nano an im away frm home 4 ages an at my house is wer i 1st gt my ipod synced so wat can i do wil im away is der any other way?…….

    plus i havnt my wire fingy wif ma……

    so wat can i do???



  4. Here’s my solution, which will allow you to unlock your screen and put in a new code without restoring your iPod.

    1.Connect iPod to computer and enable disk use.

    2. Show hidden files and folders by going to my computer then to tools>folder options, click the view tab and under hidden files and folders click show hidden files and folders.

    3. under my computer click your ipod drive, then click i folder that says iPod_Control, then a folder called device.

    4. here there will be a folder either called _locked(if your iPod is currently locked or_unlocked (if your iPod is currently unlocked), open this folder with notepad or something equivalent to it.

    5. here you will see a bunch of gibberish, this is an encrypted version of your pass code delete this and save the file, disconnect your iPod, reset it by pressing menu and select at the same time and holding it for 6 seconds, then reconnect your ipod and let it sync.

    6. if you no longer want disk use then disable that, if you keep it in disk mode then remember you need to eject it manually.

    Congratulations, you can change your pass code with out the old one and you don’t need to restore your iPod.


  5. John is correct just delete or cut that file name _locked its a hidden file. Thats what i did to my sisters ipod video no need for restore. its very easy


  6. hi john! been trying to follow your instruction to unlock the screen lock from of my ipod. but its not working.😦

    pls help me. thanks.


  7. As per John, I went into iPod_Control\Device folder and identified ‘_unlocked’ file. I opened it in notepad. It didn’t show me any gibberish characters rather it showed me the actual old 4 digit lock code. I don’t know why the code was not in ecrypted form. In iPod’s screenlock change menu, I supplied this old code and changed the screenlock code to new one. Again I opened the file and verified the lock code, now its in encrypted form. I think it was my good luck!!!


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