Skip the New Year’s Resolutions

I used to be like everyone else, making a bunch of resolutions on January 1st each year, only to bail on them shortly after. A few years ago I came to my senses.

New Year’s resolutions rarely work because the reason for making them is wrong. Deciding to make a change in your life because it’s a new calendar year is pretty dumb. A year is just a number. Same idea goes for your birthday. January 1st and a birthday are two logical times of the year to reflect on your life, but isn’t that something you should be doing a lot more often than twice a year?

Any change worth making in your life is worth making today, even if today was a Tuesday in the middle of April. Each date on the calendar is just that, a date.

I say skip the New Year’s resolutions this year. If you want to make a change, set a specific goal, with a short time frame and get started as soon as you can. Make a change because it’ll improve your life or the life of someone else. Don’t make a change because of the date on the calendar.

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Nick Momrik

I'm searching for the perfect golf swing and my first hole-in-one. I'm addicted to CrossFit. I work for Automattic.

One thought on “Skip the New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. You should post this sometime in the middle of the year.🙂 In theory I’m a big believer of the idea that any day is a good day to start a change, but birthdays and calendar milestones do provide a nice opportunity to take a step back from the day to day and assess where you’re going overall. I think introspection is intrinsically a useful process — planning is invaluable even if plans are often useless.

    The problem I most often see with resolutions isn’t that people are lazy about doing them, it’s that they’re lazy about making them. Anything that isn’t specific, like a resolution with “more” in it, is hard to plan for and measure yourself against.

    To take an example from one of my resolutions this year, I’d like to watch more movies, because I think film is a beautiful medium, I’m always that guy who hasn’t seen some canonical film and so I miss a lot of pop culture references, especially from older movies, and pretty much every time I do randomly wind up watching a movie I remark to myself how much I enjoyed it, how it gave my mind a chance to relax, and that I’d like to do it more.

    Hence the resolution, but “watch more movies” on my list seemed like something I’d look back at next December and wince at. I decided on a cadence that seems sustainable, a movie a week, and I took the text file with movie recommendations people have given me over the years and planned it out week by week. (This week is My Fair Lady.) That way I can make sure to have them on my computer so when I get some downtime during the week it’s a double-click away to watch one, and if I run out of suggestions I can solicit friends for new ones and fill out a calendar.

    All in all, a bit anal, but imagine the same process applied to something more useful to your life.🙂


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