Beat Me Up!

Happy 4th of July! It’s raining here in good old northern Michigan so it looks like we’ll be stuck in the house all day. Dad is deep frying a turkey and we might have a little Texas Hold’em tournament on Isaac’s new poker table. He built it with one of his friends and it’s pretty sweet. I’ll post a picture on Monday night. Other than that I’m going to relax.

Last night I went to the casino with Mom and Dad. I played $5-$10 Texas Hold’em for almost 9 hours. I’ve been on a streak of bad cards and bad beats for a few weeks now (playing online) and it didn’t stop last night. I held JJ twice and both times AA came on the flop. I flopped a straight and someone backdoored a full house. I finally hit a flush and the board showed trips when the turn and river brought two more 8s to give someone a full house. Each of these pots were well over $100.

The cards just weren’t on my side. I did flop a set when I held AA. I was getting reraised by someone across the table, so it was a nice pot. The table was loose, but I just couldn’t get the cards. Dad won about as much as I lost, so I guess you could say we came out even though we don’t share bankrolls. Oh well, it was fun, which is what counts, because I wasn’t playing with money I couldn’t afford to lose.