Box of Salvation

Here’s a trailer for an upcoming documentary about a woman who wasn’t afraid to start lifting a barbell. It changed her life forever.

Cheryl Nasso struggled with an eating disorder for five years. At her worst she was 85 pounds, exercising up to six hours a day, and living on just 400 calories. Her health declined to the point that she was admitted into the hospital, and then spent four months in rehab. That was 2009. Just two years later, she found herself traveling to California to compete in the 2011 Crossfit Games, an international competition involving the fittest human beings on the planet. Her incredible journey from abject sickness to the pinnacle of health was made possible by this extraordinary sport and the supportive family she found along the way. Box of Salvation is Cheryl’s story of life, loss, and overcoming the worst to become one of the best.

These are the stories that make CrossFit special and make me proud to be a CrossFit athlete. The community is something you don’t see in other workout programs or gyms. Today we were giving each other high-fives and fist-bumps after our workout. Do you even know the names of the people working out next to you in your gym or your Zumba class?