I’ve had an iPhone since the original was released in 2007 and have got the new model every year except for 2 or 3 I think. Dropped them so many times I can’t count. A couple of months ago I dropped the iPhone 6s perfectly on the corner, resulting in a small corner crack and a crack across the bottom of the screen. Couldn’t even notice it depending on the angle I was holding it. Figured I’d wait as long as I could before replacing the screen.

Today the phone fell out of my hoodie pocket and landed on the face in my garage. Completely shattered it! I guess it’s time to get it fixed. I’ve been extremely lucky over the years.


Initial iPhone 6 Thoughts

Here are some quick notes after playing with the iPhone 6 for 4-5 hours today. I’ve been using an iPhone 5 for about 22 months.

  • It’s big. I can’t imagine having the 6 Plus.
  • The feel of it in your hand is magical.
  • How did I ever get by without TouchID?
  • 240 fps slo-mo is going to be fun.
  • Saving a slo-mo video is a terrible experience if you want to be able to do something else with one.
  • The screen is beautiful.
  • My old iPhone 5 felt incredibly small after just 30 minutes setting up the 6.
  • It’s going to take some getting used to the power button being on the side.
  • Going back to a design with rounded corners feels so much better to hold.
  • Not sure I’ll ever use the home button double tap shortcut to get closer access to the top of the screen.
  • Fewer typing mistakes SwiftKey works even better with the bigger screen.
  • Noticeably faster than the 5.

Do you have a new iPhone? What do you think?

Make Siri Save Contact Relationships

The iPhone 4S arrived yesterday and I’ve been loving it. Siri is amazing. I did run into problems getting Siri to save relationships between myself and other contacts though. I’d ask, “What is my brother’s birthday?” Siri would go through the process of asking me for his name and confirming I wanted it to remember he was my brother. But it wouldn’t stick.

I took a look at my contact in the address book and noticed the only relationships it was saving were spouse, assistant, and manager as shown to the right. Pretty lame right?

I sync contacts from Gmail using the Exchange method in order to get multiple calendars from the account to sync. When I went into Google contacts I was able to add the proper relationships without a problem, but they wouldn’t transfer to the iPhone. I wrote a quick post asking if anyone else had run into this problem. A commenter gave a solution so I wanted to share it in detail.

* Before you continue, if you are only using iCloud contacts, you should not need to follow these steps.

The first thing you need to do is enable iCloud contacts sync. Go to Settings->iCloud to do this. Then go to the Contacts app and switch Groups to make sure you are looking at All iCloud. Add a new contact with your first and last name (make sure it matches your contact in the Gmail address book). Scroll down and you’ll be able to set up relationships by choosing from a long list of types instead of only the three previously mentioned. Add any relationships you need and save the contact. At the bottom of the contact it should show Linked Cards as it matches up with the Gmail contact. This is the only contact I have saved in the All iCloud group.

The last step is to head into Settings->General->Siri and make sure My Info is set to your contact entry. Now you should be all set and Siri will know who your Mom and Brother are. This may work automatically if you have both Gmail Contacts syncing and have iCloud Contacts enabled.

It seems weird that iPhone Contacts would use different formats for iCloud and other synced sources. Hopefully it’ll be fixed in a future iOS release. Enjoy!

Improving Twilight

Last week I posted a picture, Twilight Golf, and a couple of days later changed the picture. I had been messing around with different filters in Camera+ and found one that added some definition to the trees. It only took a few seconds to try the filters and I think it was really worth it.

As a comparison, here is the original iPhone picture:

Overall it’s pretty shitty. You can’t see the awesome clouds and there is no definition in the trees. Not at all what I was looking for out. I always have HDR enabled on my iPhone, which gives a better picture 95% of the time for me. Here’s the HDR image:

Huge improvement! You just have to hold the camera steady a bit longer than normal and the iPhone snaps off 3 images (under and over exposed) then combines them. Finally, by using the Clarity Scene filter in the Camera+ app I was able to get this:

Best one yet and not bad for someone who knows very little about taking pictures.. I’m sure a photo expert could get something better in Photoshop after a couple of minutes, but I’ll stick with the filters in Instagram and Camera+.