March Miles

Training for the duathlon has upped my mileage dramatically from the last two months. I’ve done quite a bit more golfing too. Overall March was a good way to end my 4 Hour Body experimenting (will be finished after Saturday) and get ready for my first duathlon.

  • 32.6 miles running
  • 110.1 miles cycling
  • 62.2 miles walking (nearly all was on the golf course)
  • 14.7 miles hiking

That’s a total of 219.6 miles for the month, which is more than January and February combined!

This is not an April Fool’s Day joke. Check my RunKeeper profile for full details.

January & February Miles

During the month of February I logged 84.38 miles with the RunKeeper iPhone app.

  • 9.1 miles running
  • 24.18 miles hiking
  • 18.41 miles cycling
  • 32.69 miles walking*

In January I logged 75.31 total miles.

  • 21.25 miles running
  • 2.25 miles hiking
  • 23.03 miles cycling
  • 28.78 miles walking*

*Walking includes golfing without a cart, to/from hiking trail, and cool downs after running.

I think this has really helped out my weight loss with 4 Hour Body.