Madden? Excuse Me?

John Madden will be moving from ABC to NBC after this year.

John Madden is the best analyst in the history of the National Football League and, in my opinion, the best analyst of any kind in sports television history.

Dick Ebersol

What did he say? Is there anyone out there who actually enjoys listening to John Madden? If so, please raise your hand so we can all throw rocks at you.

Super Bowl Weekend

My Super Bowl weekend couldn’t have started out any worse. On the ride up to Rogers City I hit a porcupine and it cracked up my front bumper. I’m going to try to get it fixed without replacing it. I talked to one of the body shops back home and they said they would be able to take off the bumper, grind it down, and glue it. Roughly $300-$400 to have that done. He also said probably over $600 to just replace it. Our deductible is $500, so I really like the $300 range a lot more. If it was my car, I just rig it up with some brackets underneath or something, but I have to turn in the lease in less than two months. Great timing!

My Dad got me all excited about the new vehicle again. He told me that the dealer who is looking for my ride found one exactly like I wanted, but it was $1000 more than I wanted to pay. He said there is a lot of time and if he gets one with a little more mileage it shouldn’t be a problem (this one had 24,000). You’re probably wondering what I’m getting right? It’s going to be a 2003 GMC Envoy SLT 4×4 with carbon metallic as the color. Carbon metallic is a really dark gray and looks sweet on these vehicles. It’s really going to be a nice ride. I can’t wait!

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Detroit Lions – 2004 NFL Draft

As I settled into my chair yesterday at noon I wondered how the Lions would fuck up the 2004 NFL Draft. They had the #6 pick and could possible get TE Kellen Winslow or S Sean Taylor (both from Miami) if they were still available. Taylor was picked just before them at #5, so I thought Winslow was the lock pick when the Lions were put on the clock.

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Super Bowl XXXVIII

The Super Bowl is today, but I’m not all that thrilled about it. I’m not a fan of the teams, but I don’t hate them either. I would have liked to see Payton Manning and the Colts make it to the big show, but the cold New England weather did them in against the Patriots. I guess I’ll root for the Panthers simply because they are the underdogs. I have some pretty good numbers for the usual Super Bowl squares that everyone does for betting. The pot is $125 per quarter, so it would be nice to win one or maybe even two! These are my numbers:

Patriots	Panthers

7		3

5		2

4		7

9		6

6		4