Jetpack to the Cloud

A very exciting launch from our team at Automattic. The sky is the limit on this.

Jetpack to the Cloud No one really gets the distinction between the two things called WordPress at first, the dot-com and the dot-org. On dot-com in just a few clicks you’re set up on a web-scale centralized platform that constantly gets new upgrades and features. And you never have to worry about it because it’s completely hassle-free and completely supported by our happiness team. On dot-org you sign up and host your blog with a hosting company and you get complete … Read More

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WordPress Plugin: Comment Author URL Stripper

As promised, I’ve created a plugin which removes the URL from a comment author if it contains any of the words specified in the Options screen. Too many people have been leaving comments and putting in yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc. as their web site and I got tired of editing those comments all of the time. Now I simply put a few words into the Options screen and the plugin automatically does the work for me.

Comment Author URL Stripper

Could I have chosen a longer name for the plugin?

I had thought about including an option to prevent any previous comments with the specified words from displaying their URL, but decided against it. I used the following in phpMyAdmin to quickly do the work…

UPDATE `wp_comments` SET `comment_author_url`='' WHERE `comment_author_url` like '%PUTWORDHERE%'

* If you’re using a different table prefix, make sure to change wp_comments to reflect it.

* Replace PUTWORDHERE with hotmail as an example.

Simple Post WordPress Plugin

I’ve just released version 1.0 of my new Simple Post plugin for WordPress. The plugin allows you to create simpler post write screen. There are options to set the default category, ping status, and comment status, as well as autofill the title of the post with some text and date/time. You can also choose to display the tags and editor toolbar.

The options page for the plugin also gives some handy bookmarklets and a couple of AppleScripts that can be used with Quicksilver for quick posting on a Mac. I’ve been using the plugin for a few weeks now and it has become my replacement for Twitter. While out at MacWorld last week I was posting quick posts left and right all week.

For more information about the plugin and to see a few screenshots, visit the Simple Post plugin on WordPress.