A Derek Jeter I Will Follow

Derek Jeter has been all over the news in the sports world this year because of his retirement from the Yankees. I don’t give a shit. I think he’s starting something pretty cool though, called The Players’ Tribune.

Introducing The Players’ Tribune, a new media platform that will present the unfiltered voices of professional athletes, bringing fans closer to the games they love than ever before. Founded by Derek Jeter, The Players’ Tribune aims to provide unique insight into the daily sports conversation and to publish first-person stories directly from athletes. From video to podcasts to player polls and written pieces, The Tribune will strive to be “The Voice of the Game.”

Not much content on the site yet, but the latest article by Danica Patrick was a good read. Check out the site if you enjoy sports. The next editor will be revealed on October 16th.

Why I Compete in the CrossFit Games Open

2013-crossfit-gamesThe 2013 CrossFit Games season kicked off on Wednesday night with the live announcement of Workout 13.1 and a throwdown between two of the top athletes in our sport.

I’ve been chatting with friends back home in MI, a cousin in Texas, and friends at the box here in Phoenix all week. We’re sharing strategies, giving pep talks, and excited for one another.

As of Wednesday, over 120,000 athletes from around the world had registered for the Open, with many more to register before the close of the first workout on Sunday. Registrations should easily double the total of 69,560 in 2012. CrossFitters everywhere are excited for each other. There is no other community like this.

Most of us have no chance at qualifying for Regionals or the Games. However, we will accomplish things we didn’t know we could. We’ll set PRs. We’ll push harder than we have in any other workout. We’ll sweat, cry, yell, and gasp for air; maybe all in the same workout. We’ll have a lot of fun and make new friends.

Many of us loved to play sports in high school. We miss the competition, the adrenaline rushes, and being compared to our peers. The CrossFit Games Open gives us all that and more.

I get to compare myself to CrossFit athletes around the world. I’m not the best athlete in the world or even at my box, but after 5 weeks, I’ll know exactly where I rank in the world and that’s pretty fucking cool. Since I competed last year, I also get to measure my improvement. The registration fee might be the best $20 I spend all year.

Do CrossFit. Prove your fitness. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll try to prove mine in 13.1.

Thumbs Up

Utley won’t blame the game. He relished the violence, so he lives with the consequences. To blame football is to deny Utley control of his own life, and every success he’s had — from the moment he first stepped on the Silverdome field to the moment he uses his arms to vault himself into a Ford truck each morning — is a direct result of Utley’s belief that he controls his destiny. There is room to debate the morality of football, and there’s a time to consider our role in promoting barbarism as a form of entertainment. But maybe I was wrong. Maybe the thumbs-up isn’t about us at all. “That moment,” Utley said, “that was me making a promise to myself and to everyone else. That’s me saying I will not quit. I will not give up. I will be back.”

via Mike Utley and the origins of the thumbs-up for injured athletes

I was 11 years old, sitting in the upper deck of the Silverdome when Mike Utley was hurt. It was a chilling event to witness. Twenty years later I’m glad to come across a story about Utley, his attitude, and his drive to got back on his feet.

Is Tim Tebow Denver’s Jesus?

… can Jesus competently throw a decent 15-yard out route? Because if he can, Tebow might want to hit him up for some tips.

via Of Course Some Broncos Fan Personalized His Tebow Jersey With The Name ‘Jesus’ | Sportress of Blogitude.

I’m not even going to comment on this one. I’ll let the image speak for itself.

Football or Soccer or Football? Who Cares!

As an American I’m sick of seeing this stupid image passed around every few months.

Here’s an image (source) of a player with his hands on the ball in soccer.

Throwing a soccer ball

Here’s an image (source) of a football being kicked.

Kicking a football

Soccer fans from around of the world, it’s time to get over it. In the United States, we call your version of football by the name soccer and it’s not going to change. Enjoy your sport, call it what you want, and move on.